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Business Energy Suppliers in the UK

There are now over 70 energy suppliers in the UK alone, with new firms that are bound to emerge in the near future. However, despite having this many options laid out in front of us, the majority of business energy consumers still choose to stick with well-known companies that are a part of the Big Six (which of course, is not a bad thing because these companies are renowned for a reason!).

The thing is though, if you only focus on the Big Six when shopping for energy, you might actually (and unfortunately) end up missing cheaper deals that are available within reach with much more impressive services and offers than that of the 6 big names.

Before we head on over to the list of energy suppliers, we would first like to explain to you the three types of business energy suppliers available:

Big Six 

This list includes the biggest energy providers in the UK: EDF Energy, British Gas, E-on, SSE, nPower, and ScottishPower.


This includes energy suppliers that offer green, clean and renewable energy.


This list shows smaller, new or independent firms that have a potential to beat bigger companies in terms of tariff rates, other benefits and service quality.

Below we have curated a full list of Business Energy Suppliers in the UK – including their website (clicking on the suppliers name will bring you to their site), profiles, benefits offered, and even up-to-date customer reviews taken from Trustpilot, Google Reviews, or the companies’ respective websites. 

The Big Six Business Energy Suppliers

1. British Gas

Claiming the Big Six throne we have British Gas. They offer energy tariffs for businesses of all sizes based in the UK. The Centrica-owned company is known as the UK’s biggest energy supplier with over 5 million consumers (majority of which are gas customers).

  • They have electricity and gas plans specially designed for SMEs and larger companies.
  • They offer Fixed Rate Contracts that last up to 1, 2, and 3 year terms for both business gas and electricity
  • Maintenance and repair contracts are available, including Business Care Plans that start at £79. 
  • You can switch business gas online and save at least £900.

You can find customer reviews here.

2. EDF Energy

EDF Energy is a French-owned company that currently caters to over 3 million accounts in the UK.  Most of their energy originates from nuclear power.

  • They offer 4 year terms for Fixed Rate Contracts
  • WhatsApp service for customer queries
  • Tariffs are flexible enough to suit your business needs
  • New users or start-up companies can acquire Short-term Plans
  • Get 7% discount when you pay bills using direct debit

You can find customer reviews here.

3. E.ON

Previously known as Powergen, E.ON is a Germany-based company with at least 3.8 million users.

  • They help with new connections for free
  • They offer 1, 2, and 3 year terms for Fixed Rate Contracts
  • Free energy efficiency consultation 
  • Get 4% discount when you pay bills using direct debit

You can find customer reviews here.

4. Npower

Previously Innogy plc., Npower is an energy company that supplies gas and electricity for over 3.6 million residential and business consumers in the UK.        

  • They offer services for energy management and efficiency 
  • You can switch once your contract ends without the fear of being rollovered 
  • Altered plans that are beneficial for businesses of all sizes
  • Smart Automated Meter Read or AMR meters are being used for more accurate readings

You can find customer reviews here.

cottish Power

5. ScottishPower

ScottishPower is a Spanish owned energy company that uses wind energy for the benefit of the environment. They are one of the biggest green energy companies in the UK.

  • They offer services for energy management and efficiency 
  • 3 year term fixed rate contracts for electricity / 2 year term fixed rate contracts for gas
  • They’ve developed an app that you can use to monitor the energy you consume 
  • They offer multiple mode of payments for your bills, cash included

You can find customer reviews here.


6. SSE

SSE divides their offerings for micro-businesses, small businesses, medium businesses, and larger enterprises. They also offer meter installations and tips on how to use and manage energy efficiently.

  • They generate renewable energy
  • Fixed price rates with 12, 24, and 36 month contracts 
  • Offers energy efficiency tips and advice
  • Flexible contracts for large businesses

You can find customer reviews here.

Renewable / Eco-friendly Energy Suppliers

It is no lie that using clean energy is the way to go due to its long term benefits and sustainability. If you are looking for green energy suppliers for your business electricity and gas, proceed to the list below:


Bulb has been in the market since 2013 and has been dedicated to using 100% green electricity and 10% renewable gas. Bulb sources their energy from wind, solar, and hydro power and offers services to 1.5 million consumers and counting.                

  • Bulb uses clean and green energy 
  • Offers household and business friendly tariffs
  • You won’t get charged with an exit fee when you wish to switch to a different supplier

You can find customer reviews here.


Ecotricity is an independent clean energy supplier that introduced green gas to the UK in 2010.

  • Uses and provides 100% renewable energy to homeowners, SMEs, and large companies
  • Funds green and renewable energy projects in the UK
  • Windmills are used to generate 40% of their power

No Trustpilot account available.


Energia has generated and supplied renewable electricity and gas for domestic and business consumers since 2015 and have over 800,000 consumers in all of Ireland.

  • A well-known green energy supplier in all of Ireland
  • 25% of energy is generated through wind power 
  • Offers energy auditing services for better usage monitoring

You can find customer reviews here.


Engie is French-owned company (previously known as GDF Suez). The company concentrates solely on green and renewable energy as they continue to become one of the major suppliers of natural gas in the UK.

  • 100% renewable energy sources from wind and hydropower
  • Zero carbon electricity and gas plans to lessen the risks of climate change
  • Provides businesses with solutions for a sustainable future

No Trustpilot account available.

Good Energy

The first supplier in the UK that offers 100% green and renewable energy with over 200,000 customers.

  • Has their own solar and wind farms 
  • 100% clean and green energy 
  • They source their renewable energy from solar, wind, and hydropower from small and independent British generators
  • Offers transparent and hassle-free billing
  • Good customer service

You can find customer reviews here.

F & S Energy

F & S is a young company that buys energy from smaller renewable energy sources and sells them to UK-based businesses and consumers.

  • Offers green energy and competitive deals
  • Offers help with purchasing and new connections
  • Can help businesses switch to Half Hourly Meters

No Trustpilot account available.

Green Energy UK

Green Energy UK is the first supplier to charge and measure customers’ energy consumption using a smart meter. They are also one of the oldest energy firms in the UK. Green Energy is committed to making the environment a better place by sourcing 100% clean and renewable energy from anaerobic digestion, hydropower, solar panels, wind, and biomass.

  • They source fuel and gas using waste heat
  • Offers Dual Fuel tariffs
  • Office of Gas and Electricity Markets (Ofgem) regulated and certified

You can find customer ratings here.

Hudson Energy

Hudson Energy offers their renewable energy services to business consumers only and is owned by an American company called Just Energy Group. 50% of their energy power is sourced from hydropower and 40% sourced from wind.

  • Offers 3 months to 3 years fixed term gas tariffs
  • Uses 99% renewable energy
  • Offers electricity and gas tariffs exclusive for businesses

No Trustpilot account available.

Octopus Energy

Octopus Energy built their first solar generation plant in the year 2011, which makes them a relatively young and independent green energy supplier in the UK. They invest in solar farms and offer competitive tariffs for businesses of all sizes. 

  • Offers a range of fixed and variable tariffs 
  • Provides 100% renewable energy with full carbon offset
  • Simple, straightforward, and transparent billings

You can find customer reviews here.


SmartestEnergy started out as a generation aggregator in 2011. Carbon Trust supported the company in developing their current renewable tariffs.

  • Uses 100% renewable tariffs 
  • Offers flexible deals for businesses
  • Carbon Trust Certified

You can find customer reviews here.

Total Gas & Power

Total Gas & Power supplies energy to 80,000 consumers in the UK.

  • Offers advisory services for large enterprises
  • 5 year term fixed rate 
  • Recycles gas from food waste, etc
  • 100% clean energy sourced from wind, solar, and hydropower
  • Honest and transparent customer service

No Trustpilot account available.

Vayu Energy

Vayu generates and distributes renewable energy to businesses of all types across Ireland, Netherlands, and the UK.

  • 100% renewable energy
  • Developed and now offers their own electricity tracking product
  • Only offers renewable gas in the UK, but supplies electricity and gas in Ireland

No Trustpilot account available.

Small / Independent Energy Suppliers

Below you can find a list of small and independent energy suppliers that offer and supply business energy in the UK. Most of them might even provide competitive tariffs, overall quality services, and maybe even discounts and benefits: 

Affect Energy

With 50 years of energy experience, Affect Energy (which is now handled by Octopus Energy) supplies both gas and electricity tariffs to domestic users and SMEs. According to their website, the company believes in putting their customers first by treating them as actual people and not just another account number.

  • Provides simple and comprehensible information without the jargons
  • Supplies both electricity and gas, 
  • Aims to make buying energy easy and stress-free

You can find customer reviews here.


AvantiGas is a Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) supplier based in the UK. They supply businesses and residential consumers with a wide range of products including (but not limited to) LPG bulk gas, LPG Gas Bottles, Aerosol Propellant, Biomass Renewable, and many more.

  • UK-based emergency call centre
  • Offers 24/7 maintenance, service, and aftercare
  • Offers solutions and advice to businesses
  • Only supplies gas/LPG

You can find customer reviews here.

Axis Energy

Axis started out as an independent telecom provider in 2001. Fast forward to 2012 Axis obtained an energy supply license and started offering electricity and gas tariffs to SMEs and large businesses.

  • Also supplies business phone services and broadband internet
  • Offers fixed term and fixed price contracts for both electricity and gas tariffs
  • Free smart meter installation

You can find customer reviews here.

BES Utilities

Business Energy Solutions LTD., BES Utilities was founded in 2002 and have been supplying customers with energy since 2005.

  • Offers Business Energy Solutions Funds for SMEs that are struggling
  • Offers and supplies both gas and electricity
  • Free smart meter installation
  • Just launched their own metering division called BES Metering Services
  • Aims to treat customers fairly

You can find customer reviews here.

Bristol Energy

Bristol Energy is owned by the Bristol City Council. Funds earned by Bristol Energy supports Bristol City Council in tackling fuel poverty in Bristol. This company values social equality.

  • Provides Micro-businesses and SMEs gas and electricity tariffs
  • Also accommodates establishments using Half Hourly (who consume at least 3GWh per site)
  • Offers 100% renewable energy

You can find customer reviews here.

Clear Business Energy

Clear Business specialises in providing small to medium UK-based businesses competitive electricity and gas tariffs. They also offer other services beyond energy such as water, insurance products and telecom.

  • Fix prices today to lock in savings before switching
  • 100% green electricity supplier
  • No auto-rollovers
  • Aims to provide customers with quality service and care. They also aim to deal with customer complaints (if there are any) with honesty and transparency

You can find customer reviews here and here.

Contract Natural Gas

Contract Natural Gas or CNG Energy Ltd have been working with commercial consumers for more than 2 decades now and claim to be UK’s biggest independent gas transporter.

  • Supplies and offers a full range of gas services exclusively to businesses of all sizes in the UK. That includes pubs, restaurants, veterinary centres, and parks.
  • Encourages using Automated Meter Reading or AMR
  • Claims to be serious about the environment and social responsibility

You can find customer reviews here and here.

Corona Energy

Corona Energy has served 13,000 consumers for over the past 20 years. 

  • Aims to make purchasing energy less complicated than it should be.
  • Supplies gas for over 11,000 (14%) industrial and commercial customers in the UK
  • Energy services are exclusive for businesses

You can find customer reviews here.

Crown Gas and Power

Crown Gas and Power is the Energy division of Crown Oil Ltd. They have been supplying gas to businesses all over the UK for over 60 years.

  • Provides other services such as installation of gas and electricity for new connections and new meters

No Trustpilot account available. 


Manchester-based and award winning D-ENERGi has been present in the market since 2002. They are a business-only supplier of electricity and gas.

  • Have won multiple awards over the past years
  • Offers installation and removal of meters
  • Has acquired a rebate team to help charities and nonprofits

You can find customer reviews here.


daligas is an independent supplier based in London that offers two tariffs (one fixed and one variable) for residential and commercial consumers

  • No exit fees for fixed and variable contracts
  • Claims to offer simple and transparent services with outstanding customer support

You can find customer reviews here.

Dual Energy

Having been in business since 2009, Dual Energy is a cost-friendly and electricity-only provider that focuses on Smart Meter billing.

  • Offers free smart meters
  • Offers and encourages using their budget plans that lasts throughout the year
  • Free smart meters

You can find customer reviews here.


Flogas has been providing their services to residential and business customers in the UK for over 30 years.

  • Offers on-site LPG tank installation services
  • Offers to help customers with solar PV
  • Offers Bulk LPG, LPG Cylinders & Bottles, Mains Gas, LNG, and Biomethane
  • Businesses signed under 24 or 36-month contracts get offered a free meter

You can find customer reviews here.

Gazprom Energy

Gazprom Energy (Gazprom Marketing & Trading) was founded in 1999. Gazprom Energy is owned by Russian giant Gazprom. Their services (for both business electricity and gas) are only exclusive to businesses based in the UK.

  • Offers clear, transparent, and accurate billing
  • Won the Supplier of the Year Award at the Energy Awards in 2015

You can find customer reviews here.


  • GnERGY is known for their low prices
  • For companies who are not on fixed price tariffs can leave at anytime without penalties
  • Offers clear, transparent, and accurate billing
  • Aims to provide simple and honest services by getting rid of jargons and simplifying customer’s switching process

You can find customer reviews here.

Go Effortless Energy

The family-owned company Go Effortless is the brainchild of founders Andrew and Melanie Burns who originally wanted to focus on supplying their loved ones with affordable electricity and gas. 

  • Puts their customer on their cheapest tariff automatically
  • Understands and sympathises with customers who struggle to find the cheapest energy tariffs in the market

You can find customer reviews here.

Haven Power

Haven Power is among the few companies under Drax Group. Their services are exclusive for business use.

  • Supplies electricity for UK-based businesses of all sizes
  • British-based account team

You can find customer reviews here.

MA Energy

MA Energy has been in the market since 2009. They offer services to businesses of all sizes. However, 55% of their customers are on Half-Hourly meters. They have worked with various business sectors such as hotels, offices, factories, and even retail shops.

  • Supplies electricity only
  • Provides accurate billing
  • 55% of their customers are on Half-Hourly meters.

No Trustpilot account available.

Opus Energy

Opus Energy is one of the most well-known independent electricity and gas suppliers in the UK. Their services are exclusive to business sectors.

  • They offer services to businesses of all sizes. 
  • Supplies energy for Salisbury Museum, Canal & River Trust, among many other businesses and organizations in the UK.
  • Provides businesses with free metering

You can find customer reviews here.

Ovo Energy

Ovo Energy have been in business since 2009 with over 500,000 consumers (both residential and commercial) nationwide.

  • No auto-rollovers
  • Claims to put customers first before anything else
  • Offers electricity tariffs to businesses
  • Offers fixed prices for 12 and 24-month terms

You can find customer reviews here.

PFP Energy

Places For People Energy or now known as PFP Energy is an independent energy supplier based in Preston.

  • Offers a range of commercial energy solutions
  • Claims transparent and accurate bills
  • Offers online account management
  • Offers fixed price contracts for up to 12 months (electricity and gas)
  • Claims to offer lowest rates in the market

You can find customer reviews here.

Power NI

Along with Energia, Power NI is also under Viridian Group. They are the leading energy supplier for homes, farms and businesses in Northern Island.

  • They offer tariffs for SMEs and large businesses
  • Offers Green Energy Plans with fixed or variable rates
  • Claims to focus on providing outstanding customer service
  • Provides assistance for insulation and boiler maintenance and installation

You can find customer reviews here.

Regent Gas

Regent Gas has been supplying gas since 1995 (over 2 decades). They currently provide gas for businesses such as offices, warehouses, and even hotels.

  • Transparently lists out all their rates (out of contract) on their website
  • Supplies gas for SMEs and larger enterprises
  • Offers 4 types of tariffs

No Trustpilot account available.

Robin Hood Energy

Robin Hood is the first not for profit company in the UK owned by Nottingham City Council.

  • Aims to tackle fuel poverty
  • No exit fees

You can find customer reviews here.

SSE Airtricity

SSE Airticity is owned by the Big Six company SSE. They are the second largest energy supplier and the leading supplier of natural gas in Northern Ireland.

  • Owned by Big Six company SSE
  • Ireland-based green energy supplier
  • Offers tariffs for SMEs and large businesses

You can find customer reviews here.

Simple Gas

Simple Gas currently only provides gas to customers but claim are planning on supplying electricity soon.

  • Offers gas-only tariffs
  • No standing charge
  • Claims to provide simple bills by keeping it straight forwards and easy to understand
  • Claims to make switching and renewing contracts a breeze for customers

No Trustpilot account available.

United Gas and Power (UGP)

Leeds-based company United Gas & Power claims to be one of the fastest growing energy suppliers in the UK.

  • Offers some electricity and gas tariffs without the standing charges
  • Provides free smart meter installation
  • Offers discounts on dual fuel package deals

You can find customer reviews here.

Utilita Energy

Utilita Energy installed the first smart meter in Britian in 2008. They supply domestic and business consumers through prepayment meters.

  • Manage your energy consumption through their app My Utilita
  • Offers Smart Pay As You Go or Smart PAYG plans that lets customers top-up online, by SMS or over the phone.
  • One price fits all business tariff with 12 or 24 month fixed price contracts
  • Provides free smart meters and smart energy monitors

You can find customer reviews here.

Xcel Energy

Xcel Energy is a gas company owned by Zafar Nicod. They have been in business since 2014. Xcel Energy supplies gas for businesses only.

  • Provides help with energy procurement and renewals
  • Fixed term contracts up to 5 years
  • UK based staff

You can find customer reviews here.

Yorkshire Gas and Power (YGP)

Yorkshire Gas and Power has been in business since 2009. They provide commercial gas and electricity to customers in England, Scotland and Wales.

  • Commercial gas and electricity supplier
  • Claims to cut down prices to compete with the Big 6 and provide better and excellent customer service
  • Claims to beat your renewal prices, otherwise they will give you £100.

You can find customer reviews here.

Yü Energy

Yü Energy is a business-only electricity and gas supplier. The company was founded in 2013.

  • Aims to provide outstanding customer service
  • Offers fixed rates for 1-3 year term contracts
  • Personal account manager

You can find customer reviews here.

Please feel free to use the form we have provided on top to quickly compare business quotes and make your switch as easy as can be! If you need assistance, do not hesitate to head on over to our Contact Us page to reach us.

We will continue to update this page when new suppliers emerge.

Which of these suppliers offer the cheapest gas tariffs?

Energy tariffs really vary based on the location of your business or the region it is situated in, the wholesale price and weather forecast.

At the same time, it really depends on your preference and research. There is nothing wrong with choosing the Big 6 over smaller firms (or the other way around). Choose whichever supplier you are comfortable with in terms of tariffs, customer reviews and ratings, and overall service and benefits.

However, most of the time smaller suppliers can offer much cheaper and competitive rates but that doesn’t necessarily mean that their rates are cheaper elsewhere. There are also some cases where some suppliers focus on and cater to small businesses while others work solely with larger enterprises.

Lastly, cheap gas rates might not automatically equate to cheap electricity prices (and vice versa). When shopping for energy, it is important to check both their electricity and gas rates because not all suppliers offer cheap rates for both. Comparing business energy quotes or hiring a broker can both be helpful in finding the right supplier with fair deals around your area.

Can I switch to a different business energy supplier whenever I please?

If you know when your contract ends, then start shopping for energy 6 months prior to its end-date. This is called the renewal period. However, there are some suppliers that make their consumers leave whenever they please (without even charging them), but this is usually very rare.

It’s also recommended that you acquire business energy quotes from potential suppliers.

It’s important to check if all your outstanding fees or debts are paid for before you decide to take the switch, otherwise your request will be denied by your current provider.

Will I lose my gas and energy supply if my current supplier goes bust?

No, you will not. Ofgem has made sure to procure a safety net process that immediately transfers your energy supply to a supplier of last resort or SoLR.

However, you will be required to take a meter reading so that you can provide necessary information to your new supplier.

For more elaborative information, visit Ofgem’s article on safety net.

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