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How to Cut 20% of Your Energy Bills By Improving Business Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is extremely important when running a business. Not only will it bring positive effects to the environment by reducing carbon emissions, it can also give your organisation a good reputation. But that’s not all – business energy efficiency can cut 20% of your energy bills too. Saving money in the long term sounds pleasant, doesn’t it? Anyone can do it, that includes you too!

According to The Carbon Trust, by making a few changes to their premises and improving work practices. Businesses could cut their energy costs by 10-20%.

It doesn’t matter what sector you’re in, whether you’re a big company or a small start-up – energy efficiency can be done by anyone.

This article will help you determine what you should do first to become more energy-efficient and save on business energy bills.

Shopping around for business energy should always be the first step

While cutting down energy consumption has got to be one of the biggest tricks to reducing your business energy bills, it’s worth noting that shopping around for energy and switching suppliers is important in terms of business energy efficiency.

There are over 60 business energy suppliers in the UK, so chances are you’ll be able to find a great deal as soon as you start comparing business energy quotes. While this can be tedious to do manually, Better Business Quotes a great Price Comparison Tool that is completely free, easy, and quick to use. All you have to do is answer a few simple questions, input your postcode, and then you’ll immediately receive the best business energy deals in your area from various suppliers.

Over 58% of small businesses all over the United Kingdom have either switched once or not at all. This can be completely harmful to their businesses as they could potentially be overpaying for their gas and electricity for years. The market is competitive, and it’s impossible to miss an opportunity to save up to 50% on business energy bills.

Cut down your business energy consumption

Apart from shopping around for better business tariffs, making a few alterations to your daily habits in terms of energy usage around your business premises will make big changes in your utility bills. Remember – the smallest alterations can cause the biggest changes too – from turning off the lights to shutting down equipment that is no longer in use. Every good habit will have a powerful effect on your energy efficiency.

Manage your Office/Business Equipment

You’ve probably heard this a million times, but the equipment you use for your business might be the most energy-hungry devices in the world of businesses. It consumes more energy than you can imagine: from computers, coffee machines, printers, and what have you.

However, there are simple ways to minimise the energy consumed by your business essentials. It takes a few alterations, but it’s always worth taking into account especially when you want to achieve business energy efficiency.

Turn off whatever equipment you are no longer using.

It’s quite a common mistake for domestic and business energy consumers to leave their computers and monitors on for 24 hours every single day – especially during these times where a lot of us are expected to stay at home. But did you know that doing so could cost £50 a year? This might not seem much, but adds it up with all the other equipment that uses energy and you’ve got yourself a pretty expensive headache. If you have the habit of leaving things overnight, maybe it’s time to change that!

Maximize energy-saving features that come with your equipment

There are a lot of energy-saving gadgets that are available in the market. Try plugging smart sockets into standard outlets to cut energy use, or buy LED light bulbs to replace all your traditional incandescent bulbs.

On top of that, devices such as desktops come with built-in energy-saving features too. Once activated, it will use 70% less electricity than it normally does when the energy-saving features are off.


Correct implementation of insulation and draught-proofing your premises will help you avoid adding 10-15% of energy costs to your bills.

Draught-proof your premises

One way to avoid wasting energy is by making sure there is no heat loss taking place. Try sliding a coin (ideally a 1p) between your window and its frame – if it can be slid effortlessly in between, then you might want to consider purchasing a draught seal.

Keep your doors closed

Apart from keeping your heating/cooling system off for any unoccupied rooms, you should also make sure to close any doors that have any heating/cooling system that is in operation to prevent energy waste.

Air conditioning

A building’s carbon emissions and energy consumption can be increased to a whopping 100% with the use of air conditioning alone. However, sometimes staff and employees can’t be blamed when they’re surrounded by some equipment that generates heat. However, there are many low-cost ways to survive a stuff office and save energy!

Talk to your staff

Once you know how to handle your heating and cooling units properly; share your knowledge and provide them with proper instructions on how to use each unit.

Keep an eye on your air conditioner temperature

Ensure that your air conditioner’s temperature isn’t below 24°C. As the cooler it is, the more energy it consumes.


Another big energy consumer is lighting. Everyone needs lights to be able to do their jobs and other day-to-day activities. This means a significant amount of our energy goes towards lighting, on top of other business essentials and cooling/heating systems.

Natural light is always there as an option – but not everyone has big windows, and oftentimes it’s scarce and impractical to rely on it. So here are some other ways to be energy efficient with lighting:

The classic rule: Turn off the lights when they’re not in use

Always switch off all the lights when you’re about to leave the room. It’s a simple habit that you can do, but oftentimes it is under-utilised by many. Avoid leaving lights on after work hours too.

Ditch the incandescent bulbs

Incandescent bulbs can be energy excessive. Try installing fluorescent bulbs or LED bulbs – as these have much longer lives as opposed to incandescent bulbs. In addition to that, they’re completely low maintenance and use 75% less energy.

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