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Business Energy Brokers in the UK

Business energy brokers have been in demand by businesses of all sizes. There are over 64 business energy consultants in the UK as of date.

SMEs can simply just start with comparing business energy quotes and suppliers to find the cheapest prices and best rates in the energy market. This is because they’re not energy-intensive businesses.

Business Energy Brokers
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Larger energy-intensive businesses with complex needs, on the other hand, should consider seeking help from a business energy broker or consultant. They’ll provide you with enough information on what deals will possibly work best for you & your requirements. Additionally, they’ll explain how to reduce your business energy consumption to make your business save more on a yearly basis. 

Below, you’ll find find 64 business energy brokers, consultants and procurement companies all based in the UK. We’ve included their profiles, website, benefits and unique services offered, as well as up-to-date customer reviews taken from Trustpilot, Google Reviews or the companies’ respective websites/case studies if there are any.

1. Inenco

With over 50 years of consultancy experience, Inenco has mastered the grasp of industry-specific challenges. They offer various utility services such as procurement, bureau, compliance, optimisation, metering, and generation to meet any business’ requirements.

  • Offers several utility services including energy procurement and utilities administration 
  • Driven to achieve environmental sustainability
  • Ensures legislative compliance in energy and environmental areas

You can find customer reviews/testimonials here.

2. Inspired Energy

Inspired Energy has been at the forefront of energy procurement since 2000. With long-term partnerships that centre on their Value Proposition of: Buy it well; Use it better; Make your own; Do it right, Inspired Energy was able to create cost and efficiency benefits for businesses.

  • Offers energy procurement (fixed and variable contracts), utility cost optimisation and legislative compliance
  • Provides online energy dashboards to display usage information of an organisation or business
  • Claims to offer solutions to every procurement challenge

No recent customer reviews available.

3. Mitie Energy (Utilyx)

In 2013, Mitie launched an integrated service through their very own Utilyx which specialises in energy procurement and risk management.

  • Provides businesses with energy risk strategies that meet their needs
  • Offers decentralised energy solutions
  • Manages 10.5% of the industrial and commercial sector

No recent customer reviews available.

4. Northern Gas & Power

Northern Gas & Power has been providing professional energy procurement and management for nearly a decade. They are one of the largest energy consultancy by volume in the UK.

  • 100% impartial service, independent
  • Provides Energy Audits to help businesses analyse how their energy is used while coming up with solutions on how to reduce energy consumption, emissions, and cost.
  • Can act as a Virtual Energy Manager to utilise data
  • Offers carbon foot-printing

You can find customer reviews/testimonials here and here.

5. Green Energy Consulting

Green Energy Consulting specialises in the renewable electricity and carbon neutral gas sector.

  • Uses a Bill Monitor to undertake bill validations
  • Offers strategies to reduce consumption, carbon emissions, and costs
  • Focuses on renewable energy

You can find customer reviews/testimonials here.

6. UCR Consultants

With over a decade of experience in the utilities market, UCR Consultants is an independent utility broker that specialises in utility cost reduction. They claim to provide detailed utility cost analysis and professional advice.

  • Offers their services to commercial, corporate, and domestic/private clients.
  • Provides up to date business electricity pricing from all major and independent suppliers in the UK
  • Currently manages 40,000 supplies for their customers

You can find customer reviews/testimonials here.

7. Black Sheep Utilities

Black Sheep Utilities is a Brighton-based consultant agency that specialises in business energy for businesses of all sizes.

  • Delivers bespoke energy procurement solutions
  • Validates bills and accounts reconciliation, as well as VAT and Climate Change Levy (CCL) 
  • Provides assistance with gas, electricity, water, and even renewable energy procurement

You can find customer reviews/testimonials here.

8. Business Juice

Business Juice is an independent energy adviser whose average client saved 21% on their energy.

  • Provides market leading rates for electricity and gas contracts
  • Manages business-supplier relationship from beginning to end
  • Provides metering assistance

No recent customer reviews available.

9. LSI Energy

LSI Energy has specialised in purchasing energy for over 2 decades. Their core values include service, integrity, and people. They’ve won two awards at the 2014 Energy Live Consultancy Awards.

  • Uses live trading screens to constantly monitor the market
  • Provides help with energy purchasing, energy management, and account management
  • Personal Account Manager for all clients throughout their entire contract term

You can find customer reviews/testimonials here.

10. Power Solutions UK

Power Solutions UK was established in 2005. They have been providing independent services ever since. They aim to deliver an extensive range of business energy solutions, as well as efficient cost management. Based on their website, they have helped save £51 Million on utility bills.

  • Provides free services for checking energy 
  • Offers an extensive range of business energy solutions and cost management

You can find customer reviews/testimonials here and here.

11. Torse

Torse Ltd is a national organisation with over 17 years of experience in the energy market. They provide support for billing, contract obligations, and payments to hundreds of clients. They claim to provide exceptional customer service that deals with enquiries efficiently.

  • Offers Smart Meter installation from a UK approved meter operator that is warranted for up to 5 years
  • Uses a tendering process to ensure all operations run smoothly
  • Provides informative solutions with regards to Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) responsibilities

You can find customer reviews/testimonials here.

12. Consultus International Group

Formerly known as The Energy Brokers, the world-class consulting partner Consultus has supported businesses of all sizes and with varying needs for over 25 years. They are ranked #2 in the Cornwall Insight energy TPI Index.

  • Provides clients with tailored solutions for cost controls, cost savings and cost avoidance
  • Provides the latest market updates with a jargon-free Weekly Market Insight on carbon markets, electricity, gas, and oil
  • Energy procurement and management
  • Consultus clients get their own secure portal called myEnergy–which carries information, updates and procurement advice.

You can find customer reviews/testimonials here.

13. Resolve Energy

Resolve energy has more than 30 years of experience in the energy market. They claim to remain independent with 95% of their clients renewing with them.

  • Bespoke approach to contract negotiations
  • No tie-ins
  • Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) energy experts that help clients meet their requirements

You can find customer reviews/testimonials here.

14. BoxFish

Boxfix has developed 25 years of experience in the energy market. They claim to be transparent about their fees with no hidden fees or commissions whatsoever.

  • Thoroughly reviews energy bills to spot any overcharges or other issues
  • Independent – seeks prices from all suppliers
  • Compliance management service (CCL, Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme, P272)

You can find customer reviews/testimonials here.

15. Utility Renewals

Utility Renewals Ltd specialises in both commercial and domestic energy. They have a team that searches, plans and tailors solutions for their clients.

  • Reminds clients about contract renewals to avoid rollovers
  • Provides energy procurement, energy management and invoice validation
  • Access to P727 and industry updates

You can find customer reviews/testimonials here.

16. BEC Consultants (British Energy Contracts Consultancy)

British Energy Contracts Consultancy is made up of a small team of energy experts. They are committed to their clients’ objective of saving time and cutting down costs.

  • Offers free unbiased market reviews 
  • Creates bespoke packages that fits any business requirements
  • Provides assistance with contract termination

You can find customer reviews/testimonials here.

17. Pulse Business Energy

Pulse Business Energy is a London-based full-service broker that claims to handle energy and water with a “truly 360º approach“. They offer procurement, budgeting, bill validation and legislation services. They are an Award Winning Business Energy and Water Broker (Energy Buying Team of the Year (2015 and 2017) and the Innovation of the Year Award in 2016).

  • Provides legislation services and legal advice on energy contracts
  • Bureau services: Budgeting & Analysis, Cost Recovery, Alerts & Monitoring, Bill Validation
  • Developed an award-winning energy management software called Pulse Online Database (POD) to “eliminate the hassle of managing business utilities“.

No recent customer reviews available.

18. Apollo Energy

Apollo Energy is a founding member of the Utilities Intermediary Association with 50 years of experience in the utility sector.

  • Utility procurement: Business electricity, Business gas, Telecoms, Water, Fixed Energy Contracts, Flexible/Variable Energy Contracts
  • Utility Management Services that provide transparent details and visibility of energy usage
  • Account Management: contract documentation, site registrations, ad hoc billing queries

No recent customer reviews available.

19. Direct Power

Direct Power claims to be one of the longest standing energy consultants in the utility market in the UK.

  • Provides assistance with organisation of gas metering and electricity connection projects
  • Meterwork: replacement, testing, installation, and removal
  • Energy Audits: Provides ESOS-qualified businesses with advice on energy efficiency

No recent customer reviews available

20. Utility Helpline

Utility Helpline has been in the market since They are an award-winning and privately-owned company that has helped thousands of businesses UK-wide. They claim to have teams that have inflated margins.

  • Business Energy procurement and management
  • 100% independent
  • Advice on business energy efficiency

You can find customer reviews/testimonials here.

21. The Energy Company

The Energy Company was birthed in the mid-90s when founders John Davies and Colin Pritchard specialised in identifying tariffs that were not compatible with businesses. The company claims to have a clear understanding of tariffs due its early establishment, and are proud to say that the customers and clients that they have worked with during the late 90s still remain as their loyal customers to this day.

  • 100% independent business and domestic energy brokers
  • Full member of the Utilities Intermediaries Association (UIA)
  • Evaluates bills and ensures proper VAT rate is applied

You can find customer reviews/testimonials here.

22. Tradelink Solutions

Tradelink Solutions has provided businesses and organisations all across the UK with commercial expertise and advise since 1997. They have also developed several (currently 10) hydroelectric power stations during the early 2000s.

  • Renewable energy experts, but they also offer Non-renewable energy consultancy services
  • Ofgem Administration Service: Attaining Ofgem accreditation, Transferring renewable benefits, Solving regulator queries, etc
  • Clients can sell their monthly Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROCs) through their Monthly ROC Auction

You can find customer reviews here.

23. F1 Energy

F1 Energy aims to provide their clients with full peace of mind. They claim to understand the pain points of consumers ever since the deregulation of the energy market happened back in the late 90s. They provide their services to SMEs

  • Account Management
  • CCL Exemption and Rebate
  • VAT Reduction and Rebate
  • Simplify your existing utility commitments
  • Offers to handle any potential threat (such as disconnection) and difficult relationships with your current provider

No recent customer reviews available.

24. Nationwide Energy Consultants

Nationwide Energy is a family-owned and run company founded in the early 2000s by John O’Hara with the heart to help affected businesses by the deregulation. They aim to provide customers with “service that meets their requirements and goes beyond a standard package”.

  • Offers free guides: Saving Energy Guides For Pubs, Saving Energy Advice for Commercial Kitchens, Saving Energy Guides for CIU Clubs
  • Business Energy Assistance: New supplies, Contract renewals, Multi-site Procurement
  • Billing and Metering Assistance and Services: Billing queries, Metering (install and remove), Meter Reading

You can find customer reviews/testimonials here.

25. Data Energy

Data Energy was founded in 1992. They tailor bespoke services to meet their customers’ needs and objectives.

  • Applier Process – Validates invoices, Analyses consumption, Identifies over/underestimated billing, Contract checks including standing charge, unit rate, CCL and VAT
  • Heat Network CP1 – Promotes long lasting heat networks, delivers energy efficiency and environmental benefits
  • Energy Forensics – investigates high electricity bills, etc.

You can find customer reviews/testimonials here.

26. Eutility

PES is a leading energy consultant known for continued excellence, quality, professionalism, flexibility, and pioneering approach which is reflected in the many industry awards that we are nominated for and win year after year. PES commitment to fair and transparent business practices have earned the respect and loyalty of many businesses across the globe.” – Who We Are, Eutility Website

  • Energy Procurement for Fixed and Flexible Contracts
  • Compares and evaluates contracts (Market participation, Tender summary, Detailed analysis, Results & context)
  • Forensic Bill Validation

You can find customer reviews/testimonials here.

27. Fairnet

Fairnet was founded in 2006 by Keith Moore who has experience in business management and planning. They claim that their key point is expert energy buying, efficient technology, and good quality service.

  • Energy procurement – covers all profile classes from 01-08 (Non-half hourly meters) to 00 (Half hourly meters), Collates and evaluates information before recommending a strategy, Provides procurement strategies for group buying as well
  • Local consultants
  • Contract monitoring & termination – Monitors and terminates client’s contract at the correct time to avoid rollover rates
  • Energy management

You can find customer reviews/testimonials here.

28. Pro-Eco

Pro-Eco started in 1984 with the drive to find savings for SMEs and strike them better deals that were only available to large businesses or corporations at the time. Now on its second generation as a family business, Pro-Eco has helped pubs, hotels, restaurants and golf clubs.

  • Contract termination, negotiation, placement, and quality control
  • Contract monitoring & termination – Monitors and terminates client’s contract at the correct time to avoid rollover rates
  • Calculates annual and monthly budgets

No recent customer reviews available.

29. Zero Trace Procurement

London-based broker Zero Trace Procurement (ZTP) was founded in 2012. They have managed to maintain a 98% client retention rate as they claim to listen to their needs and diversify their service base.

  • Contract Management
  • Market Intelligence Reporting
  • Energy Contract Negotiation
  • Procurement Strategy Design and Implementation
  • Usage Reduction Consultancy
  • Bureau & Billing Validation

You can find customer reviews/testimonials here.

30. Business Energy Direct

With over 20 years of experience in the utilities market, Business Energy Direct’s goal is to help their clients save money and allow them to focus on their own business while they handle the rest.

  • Provides clients with reports on available deals
  • Bespoke prices
  • Metering assistance (upgrades and installations)
  • Business gas, business electricity, business water and telecoms consultancy
  • Assistance with mid-contract issues and billing problems

You can find customer reviews/testimonials here and here.

31. Nationwide Utilities

Nationwide Utilities is a Lond-based business energy consultancy company that was founded in 2000. They claim to go the extra mile to provide quality service and hassle-free experience for their clients.

  • Energy Procurement for both fixed and flexible contracts, Renewable energy, Non-renewable energy
  • Monitors any changes in energy costs
  • Negotiates with suppliers to obtain better deals
  • Compliance – ESOS, CCA Agreements

You can find customer reviews here.

32. Gaia Energy

Gaia Energy created the ‘ARK Tariff’ in tandem with Christian Aid to help developing areas reduce CO2 emissions. They have worked with The Methodist Church, The United Reformed Church, the Baptist Union of Great Britain, as well as several Mosques.

  • Runs and specialises a ‘basket’ scheme that allows churches and charities to obtain Gas and Electricity contracts
  • Flexible options: Choose your contract end date, green energy procurement, Christian Ald ‘ARK Tariff’ (to reduce CO2 emissions) or Brown energy

You can find customer reviews/testimonials here.

33. Box Power

Box Power is the first not-for-profit energy consultants for businesses in the UK. 

  • Ensures and encourages ethical energy procurement
  • Energy procurement for both fixed and flexible contracts
  • Bureau services – Bill validation and management
  • Detailed Half-hourly reporting
  • Cost recovery

No recent customer reviews available.

34. Utilisave

Utilisave offers free no obligation quotations with over 25 years of experience in the energy supply industry.

  • Offers energy saving tips
  • Provides free templates for Letter of Authority and Termination Notice,
  • 100% independent
  • Handles switching from one supplier to a new one

You can find customer reviews/testimonials here

35. Catalyst Commercial Services

Catalyst Business Energy Consultants is an award-winning independent company that provides several services including (but not limited to) energy procurement and sustainability & environmental services.

  • Tailored Energy Saving Solutions: reduce energy consumption, reviews waste streams for converting into energy generation
  • Market Intelligence and Reporting
  • Provides Renewable Technologies to control energy consumption

You can find customer reviews/testimonials here, here and here.

36. Fortis Energy

Fortis Energy Ltd is an independent broker that provides their clients with access to competitive deals in the market all while working on their behalf.

  • Energy Assessment: Intelligent Data Analysis, Carbon Reduction Planning, Multisite Desktop Review, Project Implementation
  • Business gas and electricity procurement for both Variable and fixed term contracts
  • Contract management

No recent customer reviews available.

37. Bluemark Consultants

Bluemark Consultants is an accredited member of the Utilities Intermediaries Association. The have worked with multiple clients such as small shops, hospitals, schools, and manufacturing sites.

  • Account Management: Termination and renewal of contracts, Deals with any issues such as incorrect billing, VAT inaccuracy, Tenancy issues, and Direct debit changes
  • Offers an energy efficiency guide for small businesses
  • Offers end-to-end services
  • Provides installation service for renewable energy technologies

You can find customer reviews/testimonials here.

38. SB Energy (Part of the Zenergi Group)

SB Energy’s mission is to help their clients reach their own definition of “Energy Freedom” with the help of the services and assistance they offer.

  • Energy Compliance: Energy savings opportunity scheme (ESOS), Meter Operation (MOP), Data Collection (DC), Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR), and Site works for new connections
  • Contract and supplier management
  • Energy Priority Assessment Audit to avoid surprises and wastage

No recent customer reviews available.

39. Utility Savings Corporation

Utility Saving Corporation (USC) has been present in the market since 1998, the year when the electricity market was deregulated. They specialise in providing services to SMEs.

  • Closely and regularly monitors the wholesale price market for business energy to provide the best deals to their clients
  • Group Energy Management Services: Competitive tendering for HH meters, Negotiation with suppliers, Free and impartial advice
  • Offers advice and assistance for smart metering, Climate Change Levy (CCL) and VAT, renewable energy and tariff analysis

No recent customer reviews available.

40. Indigo Swan

IndigoSwan is an independent Norwich-based energy consultancy that has claimed to help businesses make well-informed decisions about their business energy. They won the Most Trust UK Energy Consultancy (SME) award at The Energy Live Consultancy Awards (TELCA) in 2019.

  • Reviews Meter Operator Agreement (MOP)
  • Ensures accurate costs by checking clients’ business energy bills
  • Business energy procurement

You can find customer reviews/testimonials here.

41. Energy Solutions Brokers

Energy Solutions Brokers has 20 years of experience in energy procurement. The promise not to upsell their clients or provide them with bundles that they do not really need. The brokerage is currently partnered with EDF, SSE, ScottishPower, among many other business energy supplier in the UK.

  • Specialises in commercial energy procurement
  • Market intelligence: regularly scours the wholesale market for the best deals and best time for contract renewals
  • Offers bespoke advice

You can find customer reviews/testimonials here.

42. Direct-Energy Associates

Direct Energy is a family-owned brokerage that was founded in 2005. They currently help 1000 companies UK-wide control their business utilities.

  • Works on a “no fee, no share of savings” basis
  • Provides new connections for SMEs and Large companies
  • Installation and assistance for Smart Meters and Half hourly connections
  • Provides assistance for mobile and telephone as well

You can find customer reviews/testimonials here.

43. Utilities Savings Limited

Utilities Savings Ltd has built relationships with suppliers for over 10 years. They claim to have helped their clients save 20% on business energy bills with the help of their arrangements and utility advisors.

  • Contract Management
  • Provides quotations that are easily digestible
  • Bill validation
  • Provides assistance with meter installments and removals
  • Full member of the Utilities Intermediaries Association (UIA)
  • Energy usage analysis

No recent customer reviews available

44. Energy Renewals

Energy Renewals is an energy management service that provides energy solutions. They have developed their own 6-step energy management process called SMART.

  • Energy management and procurement – hands-free administration, tariff negotiation
  • Compliance: Energy savings opportunity scheme (ESOS)
  • Bill Assurance and Invoice Validation
  • 4-Step Green Fund Plan – Unlock & Rebate, Audit & Site Surveys, Analyse Evaluate Implement, Report Recommend Track.

You can find customer reviews/testimonials here, here and here.

45. Utility Assist

Formed in 2007, Utility Assist has used their years of experience by providing ways for business clients to obtain cost effective deals. They claim to consistently strive to offer on-going guidance while providing honest and integral work at all times.

  • Negotiates with suppliers on clients’ behalf
  • Arranges new meter connections for relocating businesses
  • Constantly comes up with solutions on how to reduce energy consumption and manage costs

No recent customer reviews available.

46. Business Energy Store

Business Energy Store was formed in 2010 by Jonathan Gates. They claim to be working with ALL energy suppliers in the UK.

  • Business energy (gas & electricity) procurement.
  • Half Hourly meter contract renewals (P272) 
  • 100% Impartial

No recent customer reviews available.

47. ESS Utility Consultants

ESS Utility have been providing their services to private and public sector organisations for over 20 years. They claim to be a 100% impartial, transparent and independent consultancy.

  • Energy Management: analyse and identify opportunities to reduce overheads, audits current spend on utilities management
  • Compliance: Energy savings opportunity scheme (ESOS)
  • Business energy procurement: Daily market monitoring, accurate data collection, negotiation and transfers
  • Invoice validation: Bespoke reports, audit invoices, validation reports

You can find customer reviews/testimonials here.

48. Spiral Utilities

Established in 2003, Spiral is an independent consultancy that has provided their services for over hundreds of businesses in the UK, including charities and not-for-profit organisations.

  • Energy and contract management
  • Energy procurement
  • Business rates savings

You can find customer reviews/testimonials here.

49. Square One Utilities

Square One Utilities was established in 2004. They provide services and assistance for energy procurement, energy management and water management.

  • Energy Procurement
  • Energy Management and audits
  • Uses unique methodologies and reporting tools

You can find customer reviews/testimonials here.

50. Taurus Utility Consultants

We don’t just save you money – we take away the burden of one of the most complex and unpredictable types of cost. We provide expertise across utilities for the benefit of our clients.We save you huge amounts of management time so that you can focus on your priorities to grow your business and achieve what you want.” – About us, Taurus Utility Consultants Website

  • Adheres to the TPI code of practice
  • Manages and provides assistance with new connections, meter installations and siteworks

You can find customer reviews/testimonials here.

51. Watt Utilities

Watt Utilities is a family-run energy consultancy that has worked alongside several business electricity and gas providers in the UK for over 10 years.

  • Provides up-to-date advice and information
  • Energy Market Comparison
  • Provides assistance with water, phone and internet as well.

You can find customer reviews/testimonials here.

52. Exchange Utility

The award-winning consultancy Exchange Utility has provided thousands of UK-based businesses with energy management solutions and advice. They’ve won an award for Outstanding Training and Skills Development at the Prince Royal Training Award in 2018 among many other awards that you may find on their website. Exchange Utility is the 2nd largest energy consultancy in the UK.

  • Provides help with energy purchasing, energy management, and account management
  • Negotiates with several business energy suppliers in behalf of their clients
  • Offers business energy advice and business energy auditing

You can find customer reviews/testimonials here.

53. Intelligent Gas and Power

Northumberland-based brokerage Intelligent Gas & Power offers their services to businesses of all sizes in the UK. They aim to offer tailored solutions based on their clients’ needs and requirements.

  • Compares hundreds of tariffs and provides clients with access to tailored deals
  • Energy procurement for both Flexible and Fixed Contract Terms
  • Works closely with the leisure and hospitality sector across the UK
  • Offers waste, water, merchant and telecom services

No recent customer reviews available.

54. Smarter Business

Smarter Business specialises in contract management and energy procurement for commercial clients. Their values include: Innovation, Investors in people, One-office culture, truthfulness, accountability, and expertise. They claim to be committed to providing advice in an accurate and concise way. They are one of the leading independent consultancies in the UK.

  • Bureau services: Invoice validation, Utility management plan, energy monitoring software (Dataview and Openview), Tenant re-billing
  • Offers a slew of energy services such as: business electricity and gas comparison, energy audits and compliance
  • Energy procurement for both Flexible and Fixed Contract Terms

You can find customer reviews/testimonials here and here.

55. Amber Energy

Amber Energy has been providing their clients with utility assistance since 2009. According to their website, they do not call themselves brokers.  They are very open about their service and claim to be very open and transparent, while at the same time, not implementing hidden fees to their services.

  • Provides tailored utility procurement
  • Budget and strategy development
  • Data Quality Management
  • Site audits for green and renewable energy
  • Alerts clients when they overuse energy
  • Compliance: ESOS

No recent customer reviews available.

56. Utility SwopShop

Established in 2014, UK-based consultancy Utility SwopShop claims to take the TPI Code of Practice very seriously.

  • Business Utility Procurement (gas, energy, water)
  • Green Procurement Consultancy: sources renewable energy and carbon neutrality
  • Negotiates with suppliers on clients’ behalf

You can find customer reviews/testimonials here.

57. TUCOE (The Utility Centre of Excellence)

The Utility Centre of Excellence was established in 2017 to provide business clients with energy deals.

  • Offers several utility procurements such as electricity, gas, water, telecom and internet
  • Delivers bespoke energy procurement and switching solutions and advice
  • Account Management

No recent customer reviews available.

58. Utility Market Watch

Utility costs have become an increasing part of a business’s overheads. Our aim is to decrease these costs by offering a fully comprehensive service. We promise to search the breadth of the market to find you the best prices for your gas, electricity, water and telecoms supplies.” – About Us, Utility Market Watch website

  • Works with top business electricity suppliers in the UK
  • Dedicated Account Managers
  • Provides gas pipe and meter connection services

No recent customer reviews available.

59. Affiliated Utilities

Affiliated Utilities is an Energy Management and Procurement company based in Manchester. The company was founded in 2008 by Motty Broder and Joel Debson.

  • Tenant Rebilling
  • Energy Purchasing
  • Bill Validation
  • Energy Management
  • Meter Installation and Management

You can find customer reviews/testimonials here.

60. XGP

XGP aims to help businesses cut down their energy costs by coordinating with several business energy suppliers (including The Big 6) in the UK. They pride themselves with their straight forward and “No Nonsense” approach and services.

  • Business Energy Procurement: Has exclusive access to over 20 business energy suppliers including the Big 6
  • Contract Management and Bill Validation
  • Offers £50 Gift Voucher for renewals

You can find customer reviews/testimonials here.

61. The Energy Desk

The Energy Desk (TED) is accredited by UK & ROI energy suppliers. The specialise in energy procurement (conventional and renewable), renewable energy solutions, project funding, and energy management.f

  • Offers end-to-end services such as energy management
  • Green/Renewable and Conventional/Non-renewable Energy Procurement Consultancy
  • Offers metering services

You can find customer reviews/testimonials here.

62. Cope Energy

Cope Energy is an independent utility consultancy based in West Midland and established in 2019.

  • Compares hundreds of tariffs
  • Provides services for 1-5 year fixed rate contracts, including Half-hourly and Non-half hourly meters
  • Contract Renewal Assistance

You can find customer reviews/testimonials here.

63. EIC

EIC was founded in 1975. They help clients from all over the UK control the elements of their energy bills by creating bespoke solutions.

  • Innovative and intelligent bespoke solutions
  • Energy procurement for both fixed and flexible rate contracts
  • Compliance: Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS), Climate Change Agreements (CCAS) and Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR)

No recent customer reviews available.

64. Rocket Utilities

Rocket Utilities is comprised of a small team. The North West-based utility service company works with several business energy providers, both giants and independent.

  • Provides a hand-on and personal service
  • Energy procurement 
  • Contacts clients when they are in their renewal window

You can find customer reviews/testimonials here.

What do energy brokers do?

Energy brokers help businesses find competitive electricity and gas tariffs. On top of that, they offer unique services depending on the company. Most energy brokers go over their client’s energy consumption to offer better solutions in terms of saving money and cutting down costs. 

Moreover, large businesses with extensive requirements normally hire an energy broker so that they can be able to focus on other things such as manning their business operations. Energy brokers can be really helpful when you already have a lot on your plate to be dealing with energy-related things. 

Take note that some energy brokers work in tandem with at least 20 – 30 energy suppliers in the UK to obtain accurate quotes that will cater to your requirements. They can also help businesses with contract renewals, setting up with a new contract, among many other services.

When should I hire an energy broker?

Brokers know more about the wholesale and energy market. Many businesses can benefit from them because in reality, energy procurement eats up a lot of time (and is even coupled with extreme jargons that might be hard to digest). Brokers know their way around the market and can ideally give businesses of all sizes awesome packages and tailored deals.

Many businesses prefer not to use up all the hours in a day to navigate through the energy universe, mostly because it can be stressful, time-consuming and just plain hard to deal with. 

If you’re a business owner looking for strategic direction and assistance when it comes to energy procurement, energy management, negotiations and renewal or termination of contracts, undoubtedly, hiring an energy broker will help cover all these things and more.

How do energy brokers get paid?

Most energy brokers are pretty straightforward with how they get paid.

While energy brokers provide free quotes and consultations, there are several ways an energy broker gets paid: this is through commissions, share of savings and up-front payment.

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